This Week in Sex: Taboo Thoughts, Sluts of the Zodiac & Dommes

What if you can only get off thinking about gross & terrible things? What kind of sex do you like, according to the zodiac a.k.a. pure science? Why do Dommes think the Netflix show about Dominatrixes is #problematic? This and more (extremely important) info in our weekly #sexnews :) Happy reading, sluts! 
What should you do if you can only come if you think about really gross/fucked up things?

This very reliable, scientific article will tell you how you have sex, according to your zodiac sign. Mine says my sign are the most likely to “explore using handcuffs or other restraints during sex.” ;)

Should sex that you were tricked into qualify as rape?

There’s a queer erotic film festival happening in Philadelphia this weekend, in case you’re there.

In case you missed it, Teen Vogue is woke now and are telling it like it is: Sex work is work.

The Dominatrix community thinks the new Netflix show Bonded— about a gay man who assists a pro-Domme—is inaccurate and #problematic.

Here are some nice pix of people making out and PDAing, etc.

Here are 5 sex positive blogs to follow in 2019. Full disclosure, Slutever is one of them.



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