This Week in Sex: April 29

How can you have better shower sex? What should you do if your libido is really different than your partner’s? How can nude pics help survivors of sexual assault? This and more (extremely important) info in our weekly #sexnews :) Happy reading, sluts!

Back in Ancient Greece, “mentorship” came with a side of salacious fun. Here’s a brief history of getting (in the words of Van Halen) Hot for Teacher.

In this episode of Fifty Shades of the Thin Blue Line, some German cops got a call to break up some debauchery, were invited to join the bondage sesh instead. Said participating BDSMees: “We have our own handcuffs.”

This week’s Guardian sex diary features a married couple whose libidos have been mismatched from the start.

“How we view sex workers is how we view sexuality as a whole.” Here’s why Seattle’s Erotic Art Festival and others like it are bastions of sex-positivity in a sex-negative America.

Although for the most part Americans can’t really be trusted, (see: current president and the fact that 40% of U.S. citizens genuinely believe Jesus will return to earth for the Rapture before 2050 – that’s global warming, henny) there is hope for the United States yet!! A bunch of Americans said they would be down to have sex with a robot. If people getting pervier isn’t good news, then I don’t know what is.

Here’s the case for everyone’s least favorite piece of safe sex paraphernalia: ye olde dental dam.

Even lesbians think shower sex is overrated. BUT here are some tips on how to improve your shower sex game.

This photographer’s nude images are helping survivors of rape and domestic abuse (and the photographer herself).



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