This Week in Sex: April 8

What sex position is “the Shard”? Why do Americans love to fuck in weird public places? This and more (extremely important) info in our weekly #sexnews :) Happy reading, sluts!

It’s not quite the Kama Sutra, but this 30-day sex position challenge offers some pretty unique physical contortions – including the Running Start, the Shard and Joystick Joyride – for people looking for some #inspo.

A Man Repeller writer debunks two common myths about consent.

Citizens of the United States get a real rush out of being freaky in ways that are annoying to others. Case in point, electing Trump and having sex in weird public places.

An elementary school nurse fantasizes about fucking the principal.

What male animal’s “first and only sexual adventure results in his becoming permanently fused — by his lips, no less — to the side of a relatively gargantuan female that resembles David Cronenberg’s nightmare about the shark from “Jaws”? The anglerfish, duh! You know, those deep-sea blobs with teeth and their own personal lanterns. Now you can watch them get it on, thanks technology.

Who would you have the best sex with, according to your star sign? We do hard-hitting news here, in case you didn’t already know.

Here’s a nice lil review of the Oh My G! g-spot massager from Adam & Eve, in case you were shopping around for one.

Newsflash: sex is good for you.

Here’s what’s going on with the Grindr’s HIV+ scandal, and why the app is still a valuable community.

In a similar conceit to a recent Slutever piece on the topic, 6 sex workers talked to Broadly about why being able to share client lists is a life-saving resource threatened by SESTA and FOSTA.

A 30-year-old virgin talks about having sex for the first time.



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