This Week in Sex: Cat Person, Dogfishing, & Emoji Flirting

Can emojis get you laid? What’s “dogfishing”? Are sapiosexuals a real thing or nah? This and more in our weekly #sexnews :) Happy reading, sluts!


Are sapiosexuals a thing, or are they just jerks? 0.5% of OkCupid users now identify as horny for intellectuals. 

Kristen Roupenian, viral author of “Cat Person,” discusses comparisons between her work and Slutever fave Mary Gaitskill. While flattering, is it a curse for a female fiction writer to be defined by sex?

What’s up with “dogfishing,” a.k.a. guys posing with dogs on Tinder? We don’t trust it.

One woman remembers how choosing not to have sex with her pushy high school boyfriend set her on the path to greatness.

Have you noticed how horny New York subway ads are lately? The NYT wrote a surprisingly thorough history of sexy MTA-approved promos. 

A very important study has found that using emojis when messaging your date will increase your chances of getting laid. 

Proust’s explicitly homosexual short stories were shelved when they were written in 1890, but they’re finally being published

A single 60-year-old is celibate due to her fear of STDs. She asks Stoya how to navigate the risk.

You’ve heard of ghosting, but have you heard of orbiting? It’s when you break up but keep watching your Instagram stories. Cosmo breaks down the increasingly specific ways we can fuck over the people we fuck.



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