This Week in Sex: Stoya’s Blog, Aftercare & Hotel Sex

Are you a bratty bottom or a service top? How can you get better at BDSM aftercare? What’s Stoya’s take on the Whorearchy?This and more (extremely important) info in our weekly #sexnews :) Happy reading, sluts! (Pic by Petra Collins)

A big German study about sex came out recently, and the main takeaway is that different people have different kinds of sex.

What is it about hotels that makes them synonymous with sex?

Some survivors of sexual assault talk about how their sex lives changed after assault.

Stoya writes about the Whorearchy.

In this sex diary, a married woman discusses a late-in-life appreciation for extra-marital trysts.

Here is a big ol’ list of terms that describe different (mostly queer) sexual identities (eg. service tops).

A woman discusses how realizing she was bisexual helped her start having the kind of sex she wanted.

Here’s how you can get better at BDSM aftercare.



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