This Week in Sex: December 15

Weekly sex news from Slutever. This week’s link roundup touches on everything from sex with ghosts to what to buy your secondary partner for Hanukkah. Happy reading, sluts!

A group of young Iraqi hackers are working to resist the Islamic State by hitting IS websites with healthy doses of softcore porn.

For some women, getting ghosted is a good thing, and it has nothing to do with fuck boys. Women are having sex with ghosts, and it sounds great, actually, albeit a little chilly.

For those of us who want give the gift of sex toys for the holidays, it can be hard to choose the right one. Especially when you want to get a one-size-fits-all situation for many partners or an orgy. Here’s a sex toy gift guide for generous people with anywhere from 0-100 partners.

As anyone with an tablespoon of neurosis can tell you, finding a compatible therapist can be hard. Times that by a million when you’re part of the BDSM community and want to be able to discuss your life with an informed shrink. Here’s why having a kinky shrink is the shit.

This week’s Sex Diary on The Cut is written by “a classy slut with good manners” who loves rough sex and spontaneously screaming “I hate you!” during a good fuck.

A queer bisexual femme seeks advice from GUTS Magazine’s Feelings Witch on navigating sexual shame and trauma.

The New York Times looks at Ken Russell’s erotic film Women in Love.

Turns out, surprise! Good oral sex starts with communication.




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