This Week in Sex: December 3

Weekly sex news from Slutever. This week’s link roundup touches on everything from new kinds of sex robots to “whoretography” the hot new gay film you need to see. Happy reading, sluts!

It is notoriously difficult to write sex for fiction in such a way that doesn’t make the reader gag (in a bad way) or laugh. A bad sex scene can take down a mediocre novel. One person’s bad sex writing (“bulbous salutation” – Morrissey) is another person’s titillation. A writer from the Guardian examines the art of writing sex in the wake of the Bad Sex in Fiction Awards.

How can photography elucidate, interrogate and depict sex work? Introducing Whoretography, an online publishing platform that examines the “intersection of images, technologies, society and the sex workers’ rights movement.”

Meet a new kind of sex robot – one that doesn’t look like if Kylie Jenner were a doll with a sex hole, but creepier.

The first time you have sex with someone new can often be a fumble fest – it takes a while to learn another person’s body and needs. Or maybe he’s a virgin or “deceptively hairy” or she gets her period in your friend’s bed. Here, 5 people share stories of their worst first fuck with a new partner.

What was the most intense erotic dream you ever had? 10 people tell VICE theirs.

Call Me By Your Name might just be 2017’s Moonlight, in terms of award season buzz and nuanced depictions of gay male love and lust. Vox calls it “an erotic film in every sense of the word.”

Chronic pain can make even the most basic acts really hard. Here, an Autostraddle writer offers advice on relearning sex with chronic pain.

Guess what! Sex toys are old as fuck. And no, I don’t mean the vibrator in your drawer that has seen better days. Here’s the 30,000 (!!!) year history of the sex toy.

Like all non-conforming sexualities, those whose sexual orientation is Digisexual (robots!) will most likely face discrimination and stigma.



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