This Week in Sex: December 24

Weekly sex news from Slutever. This week’s link roundup touches on everything from the story of a hypersexual monogamist, to a final decision on whether the G-spot actually exists. Happy reading, sluts!

Tis the season to have sex in very, very public places, right? A couple had sex on the top deck of a London bus, while other passengers “were all being ‘very British about it’ and ignored what was happening so the couple could continue doing their business.”

In the Guardian’s most recent “My Life in Sex,” a ‘hypersexual monogamist’ describes why their sex obsession is specific to their marriage.

Apparently big holidays like Christmas and Eid-Al-Fitr really get people in the mood for loving (and impregnating).

The author of viral short story about a super #relatable dating/sexual experience “Cat Person” just got a 7-figure book deal. And that was the most 21st Century sentence I’ve ever written.

Negotiating sex after transitioning can be complex – especially when it means dealing with the fumbles of straight men.

“Rectal foreign bodies” “wedding ring stuck on penis” – here are the 6 weirdest sex-related injuries ER doctors have seen (and had, unfortunately, to deal with).

“The way people talk plays a fundamental role in shaping our reality.” A linguistic study of the word ‘orgasm’ reveals a whole lot about its roots, its usage, and language itself.

The positively titillating title of this study says it all: “‘The G-Spot’ Is Not a Structure Evident on Macroscopic Anatomic Dissection of the Vaginal Wall.” No G-Spot folks, we’ve been faking.

Introducing Crossplay, the erotic comic book that interrogates the complex sexual and intellectual appeal of cosplay.




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