This Week in Sex: Sugar Babies, Sex Lit & Bi Erasure

Why are men worse at writing sex scenes than women? How did transitioning affect this woman’s relationship? What’s the deal with Switter (sex workers’ Twitter)? This and more (extremely important) info in our weekly #sexnews :) Happy reading, sluts! 

“Sex workers are always organizing outside the system—largely by providing each other with critical information that flows between friends and colleagues online, in the club, and on the street.” This article examines what we can all learn from sex workers about organizing and solidarity.

A woman seeks advice on the age old quandary: Does dating a man make her a fake queer?

This new ad is an inclusive ode to the vulva.

Does this new movie do a good job of representing life as a sugar baby? An IRL sugar baby reports.

“A refusal to examine the experience of the other is not only an artistic failing, but a moral one.” In the wake of this year’s Bad Sex in Fiction Awards, here’s why men are worse at writing sex in literature than women.

In this sex diary, a young woman spends a night in a hotel room with her married colleague.

Here are Broadly’s best sex stories of 2018, a relatively unsexy year.

A woman discusses how transitioning changed her relationship with her girlfriend for the better.

It takes a toll when an important part of your sexual self is invalidated; bisexual erasure is a thing, and it sucks.

What should you do if the sex is good but there are some pretty major red flags popping up? Dan Savage to the rescue.

Here’s why Switter, a social network for sex workers, is crucial (particularly in the age of SESTA-FOSTA and Tumblr censorship).



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