This Week in Sex: December 31

Weekly sex news from Slutever. This week’s link roundup touches on everything from the art of gay cruising, to dating with HIV, to that mural of the giant dick on Manhattan’s Lower East Side (have you see it wtf?). Happy reading, sluts!

The unrivaled crown jewel of sleeping-related furniture – the waterbed – is turning 50 this year. This is sex news because it just is, okay?

A photographer went and met some sex workers in Nevada and was “surprised to learn [that they] were just like normal people.” Gosh, what a revelation.

There’s a huge dick on the Lower East Side.

There was a Sex party (the political kind) in Australia (it started as governmental representation for the sex industry) and now, after much cajoling, they have changed their name to the Reason party. They hope to lead a “movement for radical common sense.”

An exhibition at the Berlin Schwules* Museum explores the long history of gay cruising.

Broadly launched a podcast this year called “My First Time,” documenting all the different “firsts” involved in sexual experiences. Here’s their end-of-year roundup of 2017 firsts.

Movie sex scenes – like real life fucking – are hit and miss. But life imitates art (????), and good sex scenes possibly POSSIBLY give us hope for better IRL sex, so it’s important to highlight them. The Cut very helpfully listed the best sex scenes in TV and film in 2017.

Here’s a glimpse into the complexities of dating with HIV.

Dan Savage offers some sound and much-needed advice for someone with a real fuckton of relationship drama.



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