This Week in Sex: SWERFS, Sex Tips & Leatherdykes

What are the 25 best movies about sex, ever? Do tall people have better sex lives than short people? What does Tumblr censorship mean for sex workers? This and more (extremely important) info in our weekly #sexnews :) Happy reading, sluts! Image courtesy of FIST zine.

Here are the 25 best movies about sex of all time, according to the sexiest magazine of all time: Harpers Bazaar. JK

This new website is offering salty sex advice.

Tall people have better sex lives, according to this very reputable source.

Introducing the erotic storytelling app you never knew you wanted.

Ashley Judd is a SWERF and now she knows it.

Tumblr is censoring its users because we can’t have nice things. But more importantly, this move is another setback for sex workers.

Speaking of which, the #ThotAudit is still happening and it’s being used to compile a database of sex workers because some people have nothing better to do than be human trash fires.

In better news, here’s how to host a queer play party that’s actually fun and not awkward.

FIST is a leatherdyke zine you will thank me for introducing you to.

Is fucking the same thing as going to the actual gym for an actual work out? I think so, and therefore it must be true.



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