This Week in Sex: February 11

Weekly sex news from Slutever. This week’s link roundup touches on everything from Fifty Shades kinkier to Marlon Brando’s sexploits to erotic Instagram art. Happy reading, sluts!

“If you don’t think women can rule the world, you’ve never seen a woman with a man’s cock in her mouth.” Nine women discuss what they love most about sex.

Post Fifty Shades, what’s the future of the erotic thriller? Here’s hoping it’s kinkier.

Well, Quad Cinema in NYC certainly knows something about the past of the erotic thriller genre.

“He’d fuck a mailbox.” Marlon Brando’s sex life has come under the microscope this week.

Instagram is both helping and hindering the careers of erotic artists.

Endesha Ida Mae Holland was a sex worker and playwright who played an integral part in the civil rights movement.

Siberian photographer Nikolay Bakharev captured love and lust in the USSR.

Ever think about what you wish you’d known about sex before you started getting it on? Man Repeller writer Haley Nahman rounds up 6 things she wish someone had told her.

Before we all abandon our spouses and lovers for robots, let’s all just chill the fuck out, okay?



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