This Week in Sex: Confessions, Censorship & Topping

How can you combat fatphobia in the bedroom? Should you biohack your sex life? What was in Catherine The Great’s erotic cabinet?  This and more (extremely important) info in our weekly #sexnews :) Happy reading, sluts! 

In Leonor Fini’s erotic paintings, the subject is at times “a voyeuristic guardian in what looks like the afterglow of a sex romp, as distinctions between reality and fantasy dissolve in the heat of [the artist’s] hedonistic canvases.”

Is sex a distraction from the revolution?

The Cut publishes sex diaries and they are fun, here are some especially sexy ones.

Does good sex in a long term relationship look the same as good sex in a casual relationship?

Catherine The Great had an “erotic cabinet” full of sex-themed furniture.

Topping can make some trans women feel as though their “womanhood is at stake,” but it can also be fucking great, cause sex is complicated.

Here are some subversive romance novels to read in 2019.

On fucking while fat.

Unsurprisingly, since the internet has become increasingly censored and policed, sex online has become thinner, straighter, and whiter.

Here’s more corroboration that the elimination of Backpage thanks to SESTA-FOSTA is making sex work more dangerous.

A man examines his newly open relationship with his wife of 12 years.

Sometimes undertakers are kinky in the exact way you’d imagine them to be.

You guys: the world’s most vanilla magazine, Marie Claire, is suggesting straight women take a page from the lesbian sex book. Frankly I am blown away.

Speaking of lesbian sex, here are some actually good books that contain excellent lesbian sex. In case you want to be both literary and horny.

Don’t try this at home: some dude injects stem cells into his dick in order to combat erectile dysfunction. How else can you biohack your sex life?

Sex toys for women are genuinely innovative these days, but the male-dominated tech world is—quel surprise!—not here for it.

Genuinely Bad Man Jeff Bezos sent a dick pic that literally no one wants to see.

Erotic Films is your local website for feminist (sex-positive, ethical) porn.

Despite the headline, this Pennsylvania home is not “quaint,” it’s fucking huge. But more importantly, it houses a very special BDSM dungeon—should you need some consensual physical punishment in Amish country (who doesn’t?).



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