Sex News: February 25

How do you go about having a lesbian threesome? How can lasers improve your sex life? This and more in our weekly #sexnews :) Happy reading, sluts!

“Sex is when adults kiss in pyjamas” – a bunch of people told Man Repeller how (and what) they first found out about sex.

Erotic publication Phile Magazine just launched Issue 2, and it looks hot.

Introducing Touchpoint, the monthly Manhattan meeting that is dedicated to fostering an open dialogue about sex.

TFW the phone sex is top of the line.

A dildo-wielding thief used everyone’s second favorite sex toy to smash a display cabinet in a sex shop and steal a bunch of shit.

Don’t be a “dodgy kisser” and 5 other very British things women apparently don’t like in bed.

The AV Club is doing this thing where they go into a Wikipedia k-hole, and this week’s entry is about dying during sex.

People are dabbling in lasers (yes, lasers) to improve their sex lives. Pew pew.

Ever since everyone started being “authentic” and not ironic anymore, porn is also having a realism moment.

Wanna have a lesbian threesome but don’t know how to go about it? Autostraddle has your FFF wet dreams covered.



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