This Week in Sex: January 21

Weekly sex news from Slutever. This week’s link roundup touches on everything from Aziz Ansari to feminist sex workers to talking to your kids about porn.. Happy reading, sluts!

In the wake of the Aziz Ansari situation, writer Bari Weiss discusses how the “expose” on Ansari is at risk of transforming #metoo from what ought to be a movement for women’s empowerment into an emblem for female helplessness.

Yesterday NYC sex workers and allies wore red and walked together in the women’s march.

Here’s how depictions of and musings on sex have shifted, possibly irrevocably, in pop music.

“[Kids] are going to find [porn]… and it’s going to influence their perceptions about sexuality and gender roles. So, if parents talk to their children before or during this time of discovery, they can help them think more analytically and critically about the images they are seeing.” Erotic filmmaker Erika Lust just launched The Porn Conversation, a nonprofit initiative that helps parents talk to their kids about porn.

A romance novelist reflects on how she depicts sex in her books in the wake of #MeToo.

Speaking of books about “heaving bosoms and throbbing manhoods,” a writer muses about the pros and cons of learning about sex from Harlequin Romance novels.

OnlyFans is a new site where, like Patreon, people can pay a monthly fee for content, and sex workers in particular are benefitting from this model.

Turns out the secret to a lasting happy marriage is lots of sex.




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