This Week in Sex: January 28

Weekly sex news from Slutever. This week’s link roundup touches on everything from guerilla porn to erotic podcasts to finding lesbian sex in stock photography. Happy reading, sluts!

Why don’t we actively cultivate our sex lives with the same gusto as we do with other areas, like dieting?

“I just wanted to see a less white, Eurocentric timeline and uplift the other [sex] workers of color who put in the work, who are gorgeous, who are intelligent, who are such savvy business women—but, for so many reasons, get overlooked.” A new hashtag is helping to elevate and celebrate female sex workers of color.

Our very own Karley Sciortino goes on an epic quest for a happy ending in the first episode of Slutever for Viceland, which aired on January 24th.

Take a look at “25 Pictures Technically Not of Lesbian Sex According to Stock Photography” for a lol.

Pornceptual, a Berlin-based “club magazine,” just released their third issue, and the theme is guerilla porn.

Here are four erotic podcasts that might just float your boat, so to speak.

Hobbies are things that old people and rich people do when they don’t know what else to do with their boundless time and disposable incomes. So what happens if you approach dating like a hobby?

Did you know Iraq’s notorious former dictator Saddam Hussein wrote an erotic novel? Sex between a shepherd and a bear is alluded to, an act that frankly sounds like more trouble than it’s worth.



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