This Week in Sex: Audio Porn, Lesbian Cruising & Public Sex

What are your sex resolutions for 2019? Should we all ditch our smartphones and have more sex? Where’s all the good audio porn? This and more (extremely important) info in our weekly #sexnews :) Happy reading, sluts! 

“Declutter your bedroom” and other sex resolutions for 2019, care of Cosmopolitan.

In case you missed it, someone wrote an Op-ed in the New York Times saying if we all stopped using our smartphones, we could fuck each other 16,000 times a year… Here‘s an eloquent take-down.

Lesbians cruise, too––and I don’t mean the large aquatic type adored by the rich and bored.

Looking for hot audio porn, since so much visual porn is censored? Look no further.

This French erotic illustrator has a solo show in New York on right now, in case you’re looking for some high brow titillation.

Want to have sex in public but not get caught? Here’s how.

Dan Savage considers an age-old quandary: “Is there a polite or thoughtful way to tell someone who finds you sexually attractive that you would allow them to blow you but you will not reciprocate or return affection and that you are not interested in them for anything other than being serviced?”



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