This Week in Sex: January 7

Weekly sex news from Slutever. This week’s link roundup touches on everything from 2018 sex goals to Zodiac masturbation to being single and powerful. Happy reading, sluts!

The guys behind Toiletpaper Magazine dropped an excellent advertising campaign for OKCupid – it pivots on the loaded letters DTF.

Everyone in the world is obsessed with how much sex teenagers are having, and this new study suggests they’re not getting on with getting it on.

The title of this piece, “Sex Robots Could Make Men Obsolete, Suggests Expert” says it all.

Is this most recent edition of The Guardian’s “My Life in Sex” about an 80-year-old man having life-long boring sex depressing for anyone else? Or is my millennialism showing?

A sex worker discusses some of her work experiences, including her first time getting paid for sex.

Single people are, apparently, “more powerful than ever before,” and if you didn’t just maniacally cackle in your head in response to that phrase, then, well, you’re probably married or something.

Your prayers have been answered: you can now know exactly what your Zodiac sign says about how you masturbate (or how you should be masturbating). Praise be!

You’re probably not gonna lose 10 pounds, do a juice cleanse, or start exfoliating properly this year, so why not set some realistic and useful goals for 2018: how will you be fucking this year?




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