This Week in Sex: Dickphoria, Slow Love & Vibrating Panties

What’s ‘slow love’ and why are we doing it? Would you buy your sex toys from Walmart? Is HBO’s ‘Euphoria’ too edgy for gen z? This and more in our weekly #sexnews :) Happy reading, sluts!

Do you have sex every day? Only 4% of adults do so yolo.

‘Euphoria’ is HBO’s edgy new show that places its teenage protagonists in some heavy sex and drug scenarios. But is it accurate to gen Z, who are having less sex and doing fewer drugs than ever? And could it be a bad influence on these sweet baby angels? (Jezebel mourns the lack of vaginas on the show, dubbing it “dickphoria.”)

If you want tips on giving head, ask a gay guy

Have you ever had a friendship affair? Sometimes even platonic intimacy can be a marriage ruiner.

A huge group of swingers descended on small-town England last weekend for the biggest Lifestyle festival in the world. Swingfields has a no phone, no dog (?) policy, and a limit on single men.

It’s a bummer when you fall for the hot guy you bump into at sex parties and he’s only DTF.

Millennials are apparently into a thing called “slow love,” where they have sex and get married later on in a relationship. Sounds boring but I guess we’re all traumatized from our parents’ divorces, lol.

Walmart is entering the sex toy market, after realising retailers like Amazon are making bank.

Cosmo tested all the vibrating panties on the market so you don’t have to

One man tells us what it’s like to leave prison as a virgin after 28 years inside with only masturbation for company.

Aziz Ansari addresses sexual misconduct allegations in his new Spike Jonze-directed comedy special. (Spoiler: he’s had an epiphany.)



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