This Week in Sex: Labiaplasty, Miley Cyrus & Big Dyke Energy

Is virginity a social construct? Should we take our sex dreams seriously? Did the #MeToo movement leave sex workers behind? This and more in our weekly #sexnews :) Happy reading, sluts!

Megan Rapinoe’s Sports Illustrated shoot is a glorious combination of Big Dyke Energy and six-pack slut power.

One writer’s journey with vaginismus and sexual dysfunction, reimagined as feminist reistance.

A new club for queer womxn has opened in Vauxhall, London. It aims to be open 7 days a week, bucking the trend of queer bars giving non-males one paltry night a week. Praise be! 

Coitus is a magazine for gentlemen who like gentlemen. Here’s a collection of 39 of their hottest man pics.

Miley dropped her video for “Mother’s Daughter,” which goes hard on its BDSM aesthetic and intersectional message. The Washington Examiner says it’s proof that society has fallen (lol).

And her statement that “virginity is a social construct” has got some people perplexed and this conspiracy blog totally triggered.

(Miley also wants to remind us that she still fancies women, even though she married a dude.)

The bluehead wrasse fish is a queer icon; it can transition from female to male in just 10 days, which is known as a state of “sexual plasticity.”

Sex toys as gifts for BFFs on all occasions: from breakups to beginners to bougie buttplugs. 

Did the #MeToo movement leave sex workers behind? Erika Lust thinks so. 

A study into sex dreams has found that women are having more than ever. But should we take them seriously?

One woman went in for a labiaplasty, and woke up to find her labia almost entirely removed :(



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