This Week in Sex: Electronic Butt Plugs, Bachelorette & Water Sex

Are electronic buttplugs the key to better sex research? What do you do when your boyfriend sounds like “injured wildlife” when you fuck? Do condoms work in water? This and more in our weekly #sexnews :) Happy reading, sluts!

Can you use a condom in a hot tub? From Showgirls to All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, here’s the ultimate guide to boning in water.

Buttholes! Everyone has one. One sex researcher thinks electronic butt plugs could be the key to orgasm research, as it allows her to measure the pre-orgasmic contractions in people of all genders.

What happens when you try sex for the first time and you…hate it?

One woman asked Stoya how to deal with her boyfriend sounding like “injured wildlife” when they fuck. Sad face emoji.

Apple have announced 59 new emojis, including interracial couples and wheelchair users. But where’s the trans flag?

Major tech companies, including Facebook, are tracking your porn use. A new study warns about consent breaches when cookies are used to harvest information this personal.

This photographer went undercover as a “party girl” at one of Beijing’s karaoke bars that doubles as an escort agency.

Want to know what sex feels like for people of other genders? This Cosmo piece attempts to describe the differences between penetrating and being penetrated.

This season’s Bachelorette got sex-shamed by one of her suitors for not being a virgin. She replied, “I have had sex, and Jesus still loves me.” Amen.

Are sound waves the key to higher arousal and orgasmic intensity? A $500 treatment called Cliovana is described as “biohacking your orgasm.”

Diana Tourjee speaks to straight men who are attracted to trans women and asks whether or not it made them reconsider their sexuality.



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