This Week in Sex: Pegging, the Orgasm Gap & Awkward Sex

As a gay man, where’s the line between fabulous and blacked out? Can you guess which demographic has the most orgasms? Should your boyfriend get pegged? This and more in our weekly #sexnews :) Happy reading, sluts!

In the world of listicles: 33 awkward moments that happen during male-male sex, 9 celebrities who came out as straight, and 11 reasons why every straight man should try bottoming. Yes, even your normcore BF!

What happens when the post-baby dust settles and sex between you and your partner now seems… awkward? OR: your new boyfriend insists on having his 11-year-old daughter sleep in the bed? It’s no coincidence that “children” and “cockblock” both start with a C.

In news that won’t shock anyone: Only 65% of straight women report they orgasm “always or usually” during sex, compared to 86% of lesbians. Queer men cum between 88-89% of the time, and greedy straight men clock in at 95%.

As a hot young gay man, where’s the line between fabulousness and a drinking problem?

“…Occultists believe that orgasms can help cleanse the body, produce magical power, and are a vital tool in manifesting desires.” What spells can you cast with your orgasms?

This Canadian sex shop is offering a binder exchange, to allow safe, affordable binding for trans men and nonbinary people.

Is it normal to find it easier to cum when reading erotica than you do with an actual human partner? (Yes.)

This amazing Ripple all-body suit is a tool to help people with disabilities have orgasms. Stimulating all the senses and allowing for total sexual independence, the suit even releases pheromones. 

How to have sex when the world is on fire and you’re feeling the wrong kind of hot—from leaving the bedroom to chilling your sex toys.

Pee after sex!!! And other ways to avoid post-coitus UTIs.



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