This Week in Sex: Topping & Bottoming, Strap-Ons & Sex Sounds

What does it mean to be a top or a bottom? What do you need to know before buying your first strap-on? Are Brits bad in bed? This and more (extremely important) info in our weekly #sexnews :) Happy reading, sluts!

Sex and the City is turning 20, and every website ever has spat out a thinkpiece about the show for the occasion. This one is important though, because it looks at slut icon Samantha’s relationship to sex and sexuality.

The Cut’s most recent Sex Diary features a week in the life of an intern having an affair with her boss.

British people aren’t exactly known for being firecrackers between the sheets, and this woman created a platform intended to help make fucking on the royal Isles a more exciting experience.

For all the baby gays out there, here’s an intro to topping and bottoming so you can figure out what identifying as one or the other  (or as vers/switch) means for you.

Artist Natalie Frank makes pastel drawings (now on view in NYC) inspired by the “famously filthy erotic novella” Story of O, published in France in the middle of the 20th Century.

How should you go about buying a strap-on dildo? This guide was written for lesbians but works for anyone with orifices they want penetrated.

Apparently if you have a more sensitive nose, you have better orgasms.

Turns out creating sex sound effects for film is way more complicated than you might think.

The New Yorker is finally catching on to the real life dangers of SESTA/FOSTA, and to all the work sex workers and allies are doing to fight for their livelihoods.



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