This Week in Sex: Male Strippers, Sex Work & Lady Viagra

Is it OK to think of a celebrity when you’re having sex? What is Teen Vogue’s take on sex work? Can you still have sex if you have HPV? This and more in our weekly #sexnews :) Happy reading, sluts!

It’s been a big week for rolling back sex work prohibtion, with presidential wannabes Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren both pledging to consider decriminalization if they get elected.

Predictably, the right-wing broflakes were triggered, taking aim at Teen Vogue’s now-seminal piece, “Why Sex Work is Real Work.” The National Review called it “delusional and dangerous,” and USA Today accused the publication of marketing sex work as a career path to minors.

If Tinder’s too vanilla, there’s an app for every kinkster, from FetLife and beyond.

New doc, “This One’s For The Ladies” is about male strippers and their dedicated fans. Think: a less shiny, more human, super sex-positive Magic Mike.

Should you abstain the night before a marathon? Apparently there’s little scientific basis to the idea that you can’t have sex before a big fitspo moment.

One woman admits to taking her crush on a famous musician to an unhealthy level.

Can you have sex when you have HPV? The answer is quite complicated…

New York’s Museum of Sex is being sued by an ex-tourguide, who says she was repeatedly sexually harassed by drunk customers who couldn’t handle themselves around the inflatable boob sculptures.

A medical sex drive-enhancing drug for women has been approved by the FDA! Used to treat people with hyposexual desire disorder, it is administered like an epi-pen.



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