This Week in Sex: Orgasms, Movie Sex & LGBTQ+ Sex Ed

How can you have sex on your period without leaving a crime scene? Are Millennials still in a sex recession or nah? New Yorkers: Will you “fake it” for a free pastrami sandwich? This and more in our weekly #sexnews :) Happy reading, sluts!

It’s Pride Month, and I’m like, if banks and corporations suddenly love queer people then why am I still broke? Ellen Page posted a celebratory thirst trap, Teen Vogue created a guide to fill the LGBTQ-shaped hole in our sex ed system, and Playboy created a bunny-ears campaign to combat conversion therapy.

The rumors are false! Millennials are not in a sex recession.

BBC Three premiered its new documentary, “Secrets of Sugar Baby Dating” and unsurprisingly it was sex-neg and sex work-shamey. (Check out the Slutever season 2 “Sugar Baby” episode instead lol.)

Have you ever wanted to pretend to cum for a free pastrami sandwich? New Yorkers can head to Katz’ deli for their When Harry Met Sally competition, in honor of the film’s 30th anniversary.

Viva mujeres! Mexico City is set to decriminalize sex work in a bid to reinstate their civil rights and combat sex trafficking.

A weird Reddit debate broke about whether sex scenes in movies are necessary. FSR, most people think they’re not. One user said, “It does the job when both characters wake up in the same bed topless in the morning.” I mean, sure…

Have you ever had a possessive mother-in-law who won’t stop mentioning your partner’s exes? If so, is it OK to cut those Oedipal apron strings?

Nana Darkoa Sekyiamah, who runs the blog “Bedrooms of African Women,” has started a conversation about female sexual pleasure in hyper-religious Ghana.  

This is how to have period sex without making your bedroom look like a crime scene.



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