This Week in Sex: Bottoming, Stripping & Decrim NY

How can we improve sex education? How can you be a better bottom? What should you do if your one night stand was truly garbage? This and more (extremely important) info in our weekly #sexnews :) Happy reading, sluts! Image c/o Thicc Strip.

FYI—factual and nuanced sex education is crucial. Denying young people that right puts them in danger.

Thicc Strip is a Los Angeles strip club “celebrating shameless sexuality and body positivity” founded and run by fat women.

Sex workers in New York are rallying for decriminalization, and it’s having a resounding impact.

Bottom’s up: bottoming isn’t passive. Do it well.

Karley’s new show Now Apocalypse subverts stereotypes about sex workers, as well as sexuality in general.

What should you do if your first one night stand was so bad it made you want to give up on casual sex forevermore?

Masturbation can be complicated for trans women. Here’s how to make it easier.



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