This Week in Sex: Lesbian Pulp, Porn & Sex Posi Idols

What should you do if your partner isn’t interested in sex? How much do you know about lesbian pulp fiction? Should Tumblr die now that it’s all SFW? This and more (extremely important) info in our weekly #sexnews :) Happy reading, sluts!

Nobody cares about Tumblr unless it has naked people.

We can’t have nice things (see: above + all recent internet censorship), but at least we can watch movies that are actually kind of like porn.

Upon the release of a new book of her writing, people are rereading #problematic radical feminist Andrea Dworkin. Turns out she never said “all sex is rape.” so, like, that’s a relief.

A New York rally opposing the decriminalization of sex work took place, and it was deeply misguided, unforch.

Here’s an inquiry into the age-old question: can you be fuck-buddies for life?

An ode to lesbian pulp fiction.

These three rappers are the sex positive idols you’ve been waiting for.

Dan Savage advises a woman who discovered a dirty (literally) secret following a sexless weekend away.



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