This Week in Sex: Strap-Ons, Decriminalization & Fuck Buddies

Will we finally decriminalize sex work? What does #MeToo mean in the queer community? Why are you dreaming about your ex? This and more (extremely important) info in our weekly #sexnews :) Happy reading, sluts! 

Image by Monika Mogi

Lest we forget: punk was sexy and gender-bending.

DecrimNY—a campaign to decriminalize sex work—launched last week.

Musician Ian Isaiah is making dreamy music about group sex, among other salacious topics.

Strap-ons rule. Here’s how to use one.

“Queer community doesn’t lack for discourse around sexual abuse. On the contrary, we are suffused in it, and have been for some time. Yet for all of our talk, not much seems to have significantly changed — there are still victims, and there are still abusers.” Kai Cheng Thom discusses #MeToo in queer communities.

Senator and presidential hopeful Kamala Harris is suddenly pro-sex work…maybe.

In case you forgot: having a fuck buddy is the shit.

What does your dream about your ex MEAN?



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