This Week in Sex: Consent Apps, Wedding Night Sex & Masturbation

Can sex improve after childbirth? Why are consent apps a dumb idea? WTF is a penis facial? This and more (extremely important) info in our weekly #sexnews :) Happy reading, sluts!

Here’s what sex is like after childbirth for one woman.

The British government wants citizens to have “porn passes” to prove their age in order to watch adult entertainment on the internet.

What should you do if your throuple turned into a couple and the leftover person is feeling left out???

In the Guardian’s latest sex diary, a woman discusses how sex with a married man has pushed her boundaries for pleasure.

Graham crackers were invented to “cure masturbation by boring your tastebuds to death.”

This performance artist is exploring the “erotic undertones of friendship.”

According to the author Ian McEwan, teens these days know as little about sex as their grandparents, and their conceptions of the act have been perverted by “online athletic pornography”.

“Consent is not about liability. It’s about equality.” This and six other reasons consent apps are a shitty idea.

Penis facials are a thing (thx Sandra Bullock), and they’re not what you think. Actually they’re weirder.

Drunken slobbery, ear puke and ugly underwear – here’s what wedding night sex is really like.

“But once you get sober and stop using alcohol as a crutch, you’re forced to feel everything a bit more deeply and clearly ― the good feelings and the bad.” Here’s how sex changes after you get sober.



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