This Week in Sex: Impact Play, Porn Stars & Erotic Dinner Parties

Why will Brexit disproportionately affect sex workers? How do queer muslim women navigate sexuality and religion? Should you put your lovers’ pubes in a locket? This and more (extremely important) info in our weekly #sexnews :) Happy reading, sluts! 

Dr. Ruth wants you to bone more.

Could an erotic dinner party change your relationship to sex?

This all-WOC burlesque troupe is “[seducing] audiences into challenging traditional cultural myths of racialized exoticism and fetishism.”

Brexit will fuck everyone over, as we know, but a less-discussed impact is the significant affect it will have on sex workers.

“Not a single moment passes where I am not considering the interplay of my identities.” A group of queer muslim women consider identity, sex, and religion.

New Hot Lesbian TV Character on the Block (and real historical person) Anne Lister (Gentleman Jack, HBO) used to collect her lovers’ pubic hair and keep it in lockets.

Meet Sean Ford, a hot young gay porn star that the fashion world has accepted as one of its own.

Impact play is fun and hot, here’s how to do it good.



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