This Week in Sex: Squirting, Japanese Rope Bondage & Tinder

How has #MeToo changed nude portrait painting? What should do you do if you want to try Japanese rope bondage? What happens if you fuck with older men on Tinder for the lols? This and more (extremely important) info in our weekly #sexnews :) Happy reading, sluts!

Put a crystal in my pussy and call me Gwyneth, goop is putting out a sex book.

In case you didn’t know, so-called “incels” are the scum of the earth, and no, women don’t owe them sex.

Speaking of misguided men, a dude in Kansas unwittingly attempted to reenact the book/film Crash by having sex with a car.

The instagram account @SwipesForDaddy looks at one woman’s (often comical, sometimes disturbing) Tinder conversations with older men.

What does #MeToo mean for male artists painting the female nude?

Got some ropes hanging around from your days out on the sea? Turn nautical into naughty-cal !!! by trying Shibari, Japanese rope bondage.

A group of trans women discuss how their orgasms have changed after transitioning.

Here’s why squirting is great.

This photographer takes pictures of herself with strangers she meets on Tinder.

23 years after New South Wales decriminalized sex work, The Guardian talks to six sex workers in NSW about their lives and their relationship to their work.

DJ Khaled won’t go down on his wife, despite expecting her to give him oral sex, because “It’s different rules for men. We the king, so there’s some things y’all might not wanna do, [but] it gotta get done. I just can’t do what you want me to do. I just can’t.” Evan Rachel Wood and some other people chided him for this via Twitter.





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