This Week in Sex: Annie Sprinkle, Sex Work Myths & Bored Bottoms

What’s a week in the life of a sex worker like, money-wise? Should you tell your partner about your porn habits? What’s your biggest turn-on outside of the bedroom? This and more (extremely important) info in our weekly #sexnews :) Happy reading, sluts! 

Photo courtesy of Annie Sprinkle.

Artificial intelligence is going to make sex work safer, and not in the sense of robot sex.

Here is a list of very tame “turn-ons” courtesy of Man Repeller.

A sex worker in Nevada goes through her expenses (and income) for the week in a Money Diary.

Artist and activist Annie Sprinkle had a sex-ed and artist workshop space in the 80s called the Sprinkle Salon, where she held community meetings for sex-related political issues, provided sex education, and made films.

Turns out if you are open with your partner about your porn-watching habits, your relationship will be better. Huh!

A poor schmuck cheated on his partner and isn’t sure whether or not to tell her, Dan Savage comes to the rescue.

More advice! A bored, perpetually-single bottom wants more from life than one-night stands, so help him god. And by god I mean the advice column offered by Them.

Here are some common myths about sex workers, debunked by sex workers.

Behold: Love poems for married people.



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