This Week in Sex: November 20

Weekly sex news from Slutever. This week’s link roundup touches on everything from vibrator surveillance to Nicki Minaj to your new fave Norwegian lesbian horror flick. Happy reading, sluts!

Australia has the most white people with dreadlocks per capita (I can’t prove this, but I KNOW it’s true) so it’s not surprising that they only just decided to vote in favor of gay marriage. Anyway, it’s a huge win for the queer folk who manage to stay alive long enough (I see you, flesh eating sea lice, poisonous mega-spiders, crocodiles, etc.) to get hitched.

Ruquaiya Haris at Dazed  looks at how the internet and dating apps have transformed dating for many young Muslim people in Britain.

A Hong Kong-based sex toy company admitted that their vibrators have been recording some of their users’ sex/masturbation sessions without their consent. This “minor bug” affected Android users only, as if in some stroke of cyber-karma (nobody wants to talk to people with green text bubbles, it’s just a fact).

What happens if you are one of the unlucky souls to have vaginismus (a condition that can make putting things in your vagina super painful), and you happen to be sapphically-inclined, aka a lesbian?

Man Repeller rounds up and debunks 10 myths about sex perpetuated by Hollywood. Fuck Hollywood and their unrealistic sexpectations!

Speaking of debunking myths, Allure goes ahead and disputes some of the bullshit out there surrounding polyamorous relationships.

There’s nothing like a new (and actually potentially good) lesbian horror movie (sorry, ‘erotic thriller’) to jolt you out of your S.A.D., if only for one hour and fifty-six minutes.

As we watch several powerful men (and their careers) deservedly go up in flames over news of sexual misconduct in various forms, it’s hard not to wonder (I couldn’t help but wonder…) whether this might be indicative of a larger, permanent cultural shift. I’ll drink to that.

Paper Magazine dropped their latest “break the internet” cover featuring Nicki Minaj looking hot in a “Minaj à trois” (that’s a pun on the French term for threesome, you uncultured putes) with herself. Love a dirty pun, love clone sex, love Nicki – is it all downhill from here?



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