This Week in Sex: November 26

Weekly sex news from Slutever. This week’s link roundup touches on everything from the impending South Korean sexual revolution, to pussy piercings, to the sexiest pics throughout history. Happy reading, sluts!

Sometimes you are a snowboarder dude that requires a finger up the asshole in order to climax, and sometimes you are too concerned about seeming ‘gay’ to ask for it, or even do it to yourself. Luckily for you, Dan Savage is here to dispel your insecurities about your masculinity and get you that special finger right where you want it.

Introducing EMDR, a form of therapy that is helping survivors of sexual abuse deal with trauma.

As we all know, sex ed in the US is seriously wanting, and as the assault allegations continue to pile up, it’s becoming increasingly clear that lots of people don’t understand the difference between sex and assault. While definitions of what sex is differ from person to person, there is also a pretty clear line that defines what sex isn’t. It’s not sex if there is “one person finding pleasure in genuinely terrifying or humiliating another person. That’s not sex. That’s an attack. Fear is not a part of sex.

South Korean women are calling for a long-overdue sexual revolution in a country that is traditionally conservative and super-private when it comes to matters of the loins.

Would you get a pussy piercing? Do you have one already? Here’s a glimpse into genital piercing from a professional piercer.

The story of Cyntoia Brown, sold into sex slavery as a child and, after killing one of the men who ‘bought’ her in an act of self-defense, was charged as an adult and sentenced to life in prison at 16-years-old, has been gaining warranted public attention this week.

What exactly is a fetish, how do they develop, and how can you find your fetish community?

Listen to our personal fave Dr. Zhana discuss all things erotic from a research-POV in your new fave podcast The Science of Sex.

Erotic art across the ages always tells us something about the time and place in which it was made. But what, exactly? The Telegraph looks into sexy pics throughout history and what they can tell us about our own erotic proclivities.



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