This Week in Sex – November 4

Weekly sex news from Slutever. This week’s link roundup touches on everything from adult breastfeeding to a disabled woman finding empowerment through sex work. Happy reading, sluts!

“We have been silenced, ostracized, pathologized, dismissed as “overreacting,” and threatened when we have tried to expose sexually and emotionally abusive behavior. We will be silenced no longer.” Thousands of art world professionals signed an open letter this week condemning sexual harassment in the industry.

Phaidon is dropping a big fat tome (as they do) documenting hundreds of years of erotic art. The book features 170 works by artists the book’s editors believe to be “the world’s most important.”

Take a peek inside GUT Magazine, where everything from adult breastfeeding to vomit art is on the menu. Issue 3 will be released soon.

What’s it like to be a sex worker in Hong Kong? Experiences working in the sex industry are just as diverse there as anywhere else.

A man writes about what it’s like to love wearing lingerie. Spoiler: it’s fucking great.

Employees of high schools in a school district in Oregon are mandated by law to report students to law enforcement of state officials if they find out the students are sexually active. So basically you can’t talk to your school counselor about your boyfriend or your school nurse about birth control, cause you will get reported to the fucking police. Some kids are pissed, obviously.

A disabled woman discusses empowerment through sex work.

What happens if you hate men because they’ve been disgusting pieces of shit to you your entire life, but you’re still a straight female and want someone to love you? Become a cranky old bitch, says Polly.

Billboard rounds up the 10 “sexiest country songs” of all time, which is a weird, potentially niche project that I’m here for, I guess.

Cover image courtesy of GUT Magazine Issue 3.



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