This Week in Sex: Lilith, Porn Festivals & Women Who Cheat

What sort of women cheat? Why is Lilith from the Bible a sex-positive feminist icon? How has gay dating changed in the age of PrEP and Grindr? This and more (extremely important) info in our weekly #sexnews :) Happy reading, sluts!

Here’s how PrEP and dating apps have changed gay dating and hooking up for the better.

Berlin has a porn film festival (because of course it does) and it’s coming up soon, so smut-enthusiasts should get their tickets soon.

This Taiwanese animator and director made a short film about queer sexuality and it’s weird and good.

Virginity may be a (gendered) concept, but first times are still significant. Or, at least, they can feel that way. Here’s how to “take” someone’s virginity in a respectful, ethical manner – and this advice goes for doing anything sexual with someone for the first time.

Here’s how to have good, safe, anal sex.

Everything you thought you knew about female infidelity is wrong.

I’d lie about having an orgasm because I wanted my partners to know that I’d had fun with them and felt pleasure, and I didn’t think they’d understand that if they knew I hadn’t come.” Here’s why orgasms are both important and not important at all.

Here’s a short history of Lilith, the biblical character who “fled into the wilderness to become a hypersexual baby-murdering demon,” and her queer, feminist legacy.

If a client doesn’t pay a sex worker for their work, it can be considered rape in a legislative sense, because “consent for the sexual act was obtained fraudulently” – a sex worker reflects on whether this is an appropriate designation..

In The Cut’s most recent Sex Diary, a newly single man goes on a romp while ignoring texts from his ex.



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