This Week in Sex: Lesbian Cruising, Witchy Sex & Ghosting

Do lesbians cruise, and is it different than gay cruising? How can you cast a spell in the bedroom? Would you use a dating app that doesn’t let you ghost? This and more (extremely important) info in our weekly #sexnews :) Happy Halloween, sluts!

People are having way less sex than they used to, here’s why.

Like gender, biological sex is not binary.

Here’s how to have queer witchy sex, if queer muggle sex isn’t good enough for you.

This ghostbusting dating app won’t let you ghost, because god forbid you just have nothing more to say to someone.

Lesbian cruising is a less visible social phenomenon than gay (male) cruising, but it still exists, and it’s hot. Here’s how to cruise a lady lover, as a lady.

Turns out New York isn’t as pro-choice as we think it is.

Meet Sabrina the teenage witch’s pansexual cousin (we’ve all got ‘em).

Women don’t “lose” breakups because they never married their long term partner, for fuck’s sakes.

There’s a scientific reason behind someone just not being that into you.



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