This Week in Sex: Situationships, AI Sexting & Orgy Domes

Wait, are you in a situationship? Have you heard of Burning Man’s Orgy Dome? Does Harry Styles speak for all of us when he writes songs about “having sex and feeling sad”? This and more in our weekly #sexnews :) Happy reading, sluts!

What’s a situationship and, more importantly, are you in one? It seems kind of like a fuck buddy but with more confusing potential.

Newsflash: fat women have great sex too. Photographer Anastasia Garcia writes about her hot post-divorce dating life for Glamour’s “The F Word” issue. And if you need more tips, check out Teen Vogue’s guide to having sex while fat.

When her abusive husband died, this woman was like YOLO, but her family are freaked out by her reaction. Should she Eat Pray Love or take time to grieve first?

While the market for expensive sex robots is limited, but what about an app that lets you sext an AI cutie? Wired thinks that virtually fucking characters like Lil Miquela might be the next step on our sex-with-robots trajectory.

Did you know there is an Orgy Dome at Burning Man? Check out these stories from inside where the magic happens.

A study of almost half a million people has discovered that, while there is no “gay gene,” genetics do play a factor in our sexuality. It has raised concerns that the findings will be weaponized against the LGBTQ community.

What do you do if the only thing that turns on your girlfriend is recounting experiences with ex lovers? Stoya says: use your words!

Harry Styles says his new album is all about “having sex and feeling sad,” which is a #mood. Where have you been if you haven’t already read his Rolling Stone cover story, with pictures by Ryan McGinley?



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