This Week in Sex: Lingerie, Orgy Ceramics & Grindr

What should you do if you see your married boss on Grindr? What’s the cure for long term relationship bed death? Should you put jade eggs in your pussy? This and more (extremely important) info in our weekly #sexnews :) Happy reading, sluts!

This ceramicist makes orgy bowls, etcetera.

Here’s why it’s important to have erotic fiction written by women – and some titles to get you started.

Sometimes when you’ve been with the same person for a super long time, sex is not as exciting anymore – here’s how to cure LTR bed death.

Dan Savage helps a gay man who hates dick.

Contrary to popular belief, sometimes men don’t want to fuck, like, all the time. And that’s fine!!!

Rihanna’s NYFW Savage x Fenty show was important, here’s why.

PSA: take your jade eggs out of your vagina, white women; turns out Gwyneth is a 21st Century con-woman.

A dude saw his boss on Grindr and wonders whether he should tell his boss’ wife…



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