This Week in Sex: Avant-Garde Pornos, Sex-Ed & Anal

What’s your best angle for taking a nude selfie? How can anal sex help with sexual trauma? What does it mean to “lose your virginity” after transitioning? This and more (extremely important) info in our weekly #sexnews :) Happy reading, sluts!

For GUTS Magazine, a writer discusses how embracing anal sex helped her deal with sexual trauma.

Rapper Brooke Candy directed an avant-garde porno in collaboration with Pornhub, which was pitched as the lovechild of Deep Throat and The Holy Mountain, so…

A widow muses on getting back into dating and sex after the death of her husband.

Five trans women discuss what it means to “lose their virginity” after transitioning.

Here’s some pretty basic advice on how to take an excellent nude selfie.

Andrea Chu writes eloquently about believing the accuser at the center of the Avital Ronell scandal.

Figuring out what “age appropriate” sex ed means is a touchy subject, but conversations about gender and sexuality need to happen early.

Can you avoid fucking a Trump supporter at a swingers party? What’s with the lady who gives excellent blow jobs but never wants to be touched? How to introduce your husband to your boyfriend? Dan Savage can help.



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