This Week in Sex: Politics, Pubes & Rubber Fetishes

How does sex change during eating disorder recovery? Should you shave your pubic hair? How can tech change sex for the better? This and more (extremely important) info in our weekly #sexnews :) Happy reading, sluts!

Lots of women are over shaving their pubic hair, and if you’ve ever had twelve thousand ingrown hairs simultaneously attacked by the crotch of your panties, you’d probably feel the same.

Recovering from an eating disorder means coming to terms with your body, which also means that your relationship to sex can change.

Something called a SexTech Hackathon happened, and they tried to think of ways that technology can improve our relationship to sex, consent, and pleasure.

In Ontario, Canada, a 17-year-old girl led a student walkout in protest of Premier Doug Ford’s sex education curriculum.

In this Sex Diary, a middle-aged person’s sex life is transformed by a newfound appreciation for rubber.

Which pop culture depictions of sex workers resonate most with actual sex workers? Hint: it’s not Pretty Woman.

Julia Salazar’s victory in the primary elections was a victory for a lot of reasons: one of which is that she is one of the first politicians ever to campaign on a pro-sex worker platform – and win.



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