This Week in Sex: Squirting, Sleaze & Resisting SESTA-FOSTA

What are some of the best sexy podcasts? What is Red Umbrella Hosting and how is it helping sex workers? How can I make myself squirt? This and more (extremely important) info in our weekly #sexnews :) Happy reading, sluts! Image by Catherine Opie.

India’s Supreme Court finally struck down their ban on gay sex, which was one of the oldest bans in the world.

Not only are “adult” podcasts a thing now, they’re rampant – their rise, the Guardian writes, is “unstoppable.” Pretty apocalyptic descriptions for some light earbud-bound porn, but I can dig it.

Broadly thinks non-monogamy is a kink… anyway here are the “top 5 kinks” in the US of A.

The latest in slutty celeb gossip – Lily Allen admitted to hiring female sex workers while she was on tour. Here, Jezebel unpacks the politics of “admitting” to seeing sex workers in a society that still stigmatizes sex work.

Esquire rounds up the sleaziest movies ever made.

American photographer Catherine Opie is known for pushing boundaries, particularly for championing the queer and kink comunities.

Introducing Red Umbrella Hosting – the web-hosting service for and by sex workers made in response to SESTA-FOSTA.

Here’s a guide to squirting so that you too can soak the sheets in a good way.

Can desirability be quantified?



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