Sexy vs. Skimpy – The Modern Slut’s Fashion Dilemma

My latest Vogue column is up! It’s about how, more recently, I’ve been ditching some of my skank-wear in favor of “classy lady clothing”, in an attempt to make people take me more seriously. Sort of… lol. And it’s also just generally about clothes, and what our attire says about ourselves. You can read it HERE!



17 Replies to “Sexy vs. Skimpy – The Modern Slut’s Fashion Dilemma”

  1. What a great article. I really like this blog, so happy I found it. When I get older I want to be as confident as you. :)

  2. love your blog. you write very well and the topics are not what I would ever consider. five stars.

    a cynic might say this latest article is a rationalization for a spreading posterior. random thought. of no value except for being spot on.

  3. I actually loved the skank getup and understood the irony. Now you got the whole circus behind your new image, and your so-called Prince Charming might feel like you’re not accessible anymore. But I’ll be damned if you’re not an awesome writer. I’m a trained print journalist myself. I just couldn’t write about sex and other issues that were bothering me at the time, in college. I was told there was a “time and a place”. Well, then I found blogging. It’s cool to find a kindred spirit who is dissecting one’s own perception in society, too.

  4. Loved this! Also, reading about how you used to dress got me to reading through some of your archives, kind of like watching re-runs of a favorite show. I would love it if you would do a Squallyoaks Where Are They Now. The prostitute, the slave, the shaman, what happened to them? Are they all as classy as you now?

  5. Great article, love your blog. Its super interesting and entertaining. Great to hear the thoughts and experiences of an open minded, sexually confident woman. As a single guy I can tell you that I take into account every aspect of a woman when dating. How she dresses is definitely one of them, dressing sophisticated but sexy at the same time can certainly achieve a certain result as to how a man goes about courting you:)

  6. I’m shocked! It’s so much of how you are perceived and not how you feel….I may be just like you when you were enjoying the slinky short dresses and I can imagine that is won’t be like it forever.but your last words sound ever so depressing and have little to do with a Feminist self determined decision and perception. Only because men see things that way doens’t really mean it’s like that and for me it sounds more like you give up a fight than actually forming a new opinion. One shouldn’t feel cheap, even if others may consider your outfit that way. It’s an absolute shame that you seem to attract the “right” kinda guys” now or whatever that means because the right guy wouldn’t that be the one who like feminine confident dressing and still wants to get to know you and your sophisticated side. It’s a bloody pattern of society in the end of the day…women just can’t be sexy, beautiful and have a well working brain. I think you choose the easy way out! You were right back then though it’s about breaking up this pictures,patterns,it’s about self expressed irony and juxtaposition. Using the word “cheap” gives me the creeps and reminds me of the slutshaming vocabulary” People use when a girl in a mini skirt is raped.Whatever Slutever- you can do better!

  7. Each Breathless piece makes me want to stand up and applaud you in a very serious way. Your writing is beautiful and empowering.

  8. what ever!!!! every one knows you dress like a ho in yer youth because yer ovulating and need to be fertilized!!! its a god damn biological trap!!!! its been scientifically proven karley! and what is this shit about going out with a guy?? me thoughts you were dyke-ing it??????? you are confusing me!!!!!

  9. Karley! This is a fabulous article! I’m so proud of you. You are a badass and I acknowledge your ability to be self reflective. It’s inspiring and a huge turn on. WOOHOO! <3<3<3

  10. This article makes me think back how I had dressed for attention & self-confidence over the years. It defined what I wanted from life & how to go about it. I’m on the right track by the way..Get dress for success missy, you are on the way there..

    1. We’re still together. We’re “open”, so we can sleep with other people, but honestly I rarely do. I’m too lazy :)

  11. It gets to a point that we women want to be taken seriously by our knowledge, not our body. Believe me Karley, you will always find a jack ass commenting on your tits and ass when you are completely covered up. And I say jack ass but my last experience I work doing investor shows. I am the trifecta, smart, sexy, bilingual. I cover up from neck to always long pants so assholes don’t think I am one of the beautiful booth girls. But there will be an asshole who will objectify you no matter what. And sends me into an angry fit because I am an intelligent human being, not an object with body parts. You get what you advertise because most men wont spend time peeling the layers that we women are. And after a while you realize that the validation you were searching for, is not in the opposite sex but yourself.

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