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Is everyone everywhere having anal sex all the time and no one told me about it? Up until recently I was still under the impression that anal sex was really “kinky” and rarely had other than by porn stars, “bad girls” and rap guy’s girlfriends. Apparently I was wrong.

I’ve had anal three times. The first was when I was sixteen, with my fifteen year old boyfriend. His dick was pretty small so it didn’t hurt, but it didn’t feel very good, either. It just felt like a more uncomfortable version of going to the bathroom, except in reverse. Afterward I made a mental note that anal sex was something that needn’t be explored any further. The second time was a couple years later, with some random guy I met at a bar. It was an accident–he drunkenly lost his way, then I screamed and told him to go fuck himself, and took the night bus home.

My last anal experience was when I was twenty, with my boyfriend at the time. We had been up for two days taking ketamine and MDMA and I was so out of it that I could barely feel my body anymore, so when he suggested anal I was just like, “Yeah, sure… might as well get it over with while I’m basically in a coma.” He then pounded away for what seemed like hours, and I just sort of laid there, trying to piece together a cohesive thought, lost in a drug delirium, essentially dreaming with my eyes open. To make a long story short, when he finally pulled out some gross “stuff” happened, after which I freaked out and started crying, and the whole experience was so traumatic that I vowed never to have anal sex again for the rest of my life.

The strange thing, though, is that I’ve always been really into anal porn. (I’ve talked about this before, in my Lady Porn Day post). I think it’s partly due to the fact that with anal you get to see the girl get penetrated, but you also get to look at her vagina at the same time. It’s like killing two birds with one stone, ya know? Also, as someone who is predominantly submissive in bed, I like the power dynamic that often exists in anal porn. I like seeing girls dominated, bent over, tied up, fucked hard, and “abused”, if you will. (It’s consensual abuse, so it’s OK, duh.) So basically I like watching anal and fantasizing about anal, but the idea of actually doing it was always out of the question.

Until last week. Hmm… my boyfriend is probably going to get mad at me for writing about this, but actually I’m pretty sure he doesn’t even read my blog anyway, so whatever.

What happened was: last week my bf and I got into a stupid fight. I can’t even remember what it was about anymore–something to do with whether a phonetic transcription of the gurgling sounds made by a Haitian zombie would be interesting to read. Really important. Anyway, I angrily stormed out of his apartment, then came back crying ten minutes later like a loser, after which we made up more or less and then just went to sleep. But it was the kind of “sleep” where you’re both still kind of mad so you sleep facing opposite directions to give off the impression that you don’t give a shit, but in reality you feel awful and keep going over and over the situation in your head, and all you want to do is hug the other person but you’re pride won’t let you. One of those. Anyway, I eventually managed to pass out, only to be woken up to him flipping me over onto my stomach and pulling my hands behind my back. Then without saying anything he spit on my butt and just started fucking me in the ass. (???) In my head I was like uh… what?, but I was so stunned that I didn’t say anything and just let it happen. But then I got so turned on by it because it was kind of rapey and intrusive or whatever that I actually came while he was fucking my ass. (?!?!) I was masturbating simultaneously obvs but it was still very weird and unexpected. And then I became so obsessed with the fact that I could cum from anal sex that I made him do it again the next night and I came again. It’s a miracle?

Obviously after this happened I told everyone I knew. However most people didn’t respond the way I thought they would. Everyone was just kind of like, “Yeah, great, we know, anal feels good.” But if they all knew, then why didn’t I know? When I told a girl I waitress with about it, her immediate response was: “I’ve been getting so much anal lately, I literally have a different ass now.” WHAT? A different ass? What does that even mean?! I actually just walked away from her when she said that, I couldn’t handle it. Then one of my other friends said that she actually finds it easier to cum from anal, because it allows her more space and freedom to masturbate since the dick isn’t constantly getting in the way of her rubbing her clit. And I kind of know what she means, actually. It’s kind of just like masturbating with a bit(/a lot) more anal stimulation. Plus it’s “dirty”, and it makes you feel like a porn star, which is cool.

I feel like I’ve entered a new chapter of my life.



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    1. Yeah, I feel like I’m not supposed to know these things about him. I like to think of him simply as “that nerdy awkward drug guy”, but now whenever I watch his documentaries my mind will be tainted with images of… well, you know.

  1. That’s also funny and random that I’ve felt the same way about anal until pegging a guy for the first time a week ago. It’s like being let in on a huge secret, I fucking get it now… Now it makes sense and I want it reciprocated.

  2. Dating 101: 20 Secrets (That Are Not Really Secrets) About Dating: (now on page 22)

    9. Gentle kisses to the top of the head are a sure-fire sign that someone really likes you. Trying to put it in your ass when you’re half sleeping even though you’ve told him a bunch of times that you’re not really into that is a sure-fire sign that you should move on.

    I’m reading your blog in reverse as I just recently discovered it (awesome by the way!) , and stumbled upon this past article of yours just when you posted “sharing is caring” .
    I liked this analevolution so much I just couldn’t keep it to myself.

    Fyi, you unleashed my dom side (at least in my head) and make me want to go metal sex on someone.
    Thank you :)

  3. it’s probably the rapey thing what turns you on… i like shitting, talking about shit, farting and talking about farts with my BF but not even you can make anal sexy….. don’t you have a sore ass? can you still hold your shit?

  4. Peg your boyf karley! Its soooo fun and its another thing nobody talks about. I love getting rimmed but find the actual act of anal sex is super uncomfortable. Love ur blog xoxo

  5. thanks for sharing karley! i’ve been readin your blog for a while & i love it, esp. since i’m a repressed prep school girl (not really but i look like it). just curious, where do you waitress? (i’m not going to stalk you, but in case i see you and want to say hi)

  6. Karley, Could you do a post about pubic hair? It’s a topic i think a lot people would like to hear your opinion on! Shave? Or not to shave? xxx

  7. Oh my God! Just yesterday, I was talking to my boyfriend about how loads of girls masturbate lying face down and he was like “Try it then” so I did and then he was just like rubbing my back and my butt while I was doing it and then he started fingering my butt AND my girl parts and I’ve never cum like that. THE BUTT IS THE SHIT!… lol. But seriously, for some one who finds it hard to cum and never cums from sex, it was epic. And your post gives me hope!

  8. Any guy worth his salt won’t mind whatever comes out. Usually, anyway. That should be a Dating 101 Secret –
    -If you shit on a guys dick and he cleans it up without a fuss (and then a kiss on the forehead), he’s a keeper. Put a ring on it.
    Anal is so amazing. So much more intense than in the vag.

  9. I’ve tried a couple of times yet there is one time which I can’t remember very well but somehow stays in mind … I was very ill at the time with a cold, hallucinating with fever and lower abdominal aches caused by menstruation, completely delirious after the amount of medication taken… anyway, at this state my boyfriend of the time found my situation so miserable and felt an instant desirable urge to dominate myself as he wished to, rubbing my own blood and his spit together to make it easier. I did not say a word – and came as I’ve never came before! It was such an odd experience.

  10. What was the “gross stuff?” Don’t be super open about EVERYTHING and then shy up when it comes to “gross stuff!” What? Give us the gross!

  11. Yay! go-go butt-slut! I’m really into giving and getting anal and general stimulation of the area. I think where a lot of people go wrong is that they don’t clean themselves out beforehand, leading to later ‘gross stuff’, go too rough with not enough lube which can cause bleeding (more grossness, at least from the arse, I personally like a bit of blood every now and again), and do it spontaneously without training or warming up.

    I enjoy anal porn in respect to the power dynamic you mentioned, but one thing that really bothers me about the majority of what I’ve seen is that it gives people the unreal idea that when it happens ‘it’s just done’. Sometimes, when the receiver is either very horny or experienced, yes. However, if you look at sites that do interviews or BTS clips you can see that quite often before and during the shoot a model will be working his/her arse with a toy to keep warm.

  12. Anal is SO AWESOME. I used to be really anti but then I got really obsessed with the idea and finally tried it, and I felt the same – like a whole new dawn of anal opened in front of me. Why don’t people scream it from the rooftops that anal is the best ever? I feel like in porn the girl either plays like she isn’t enjoying it or if she is it’s because shes dirrrty, so I guess that’s why irl girls are reluctant to declare their profound love for the butt. Seriously though, fuck that, I am deeply and unashamedly in love with buttsex. I’m so obsessed now and all I want to do is fuck a guy with a strap-on but my boyfriend and I broke up before I got the chance, so depressing.

  13. SOOO was hoping you could describe in more detail the “gross” stuff. Cuz I’ve gotten it on my dick from a bunch of different girls during anal and it always looks slightly different. The last time it happened it was green! Is it Santorum?? Is my dick eventually going to fall off from it??

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