Shit Shower Electrocutes Hannah

So, after two years of living in a showerless home, we finally got a “shower” put in at Squallyoaks. It’s a power-shower of sorts, that heats up water electronically (since we don’t have gas), and cost a mere £40. Bargain, right? That’s what I thought. Although it was slightly worrying when after only a week the thing started falling apart, leaving wires and buttons and other strange things hanging out of it. Now,
I don’t know much about technology, but I think I remember learning somewhere that water and live electronics don’t mix. But nevertheless, in typical Squallyoaks fashion, we just wrapped some electrical tape around it and called it a day. However, we must not have used enough tape because yesterday the asshole of a shower electrocuted my flatmates Hannah. I realized this when I went into the bathroom this morning and found the above memo on the shower. Note how she added the words “and lived” in small print in the corner. You know, to clarify that the memo wasn’t written by her char-grilled carcas. How thoughtful.

Oh, this is Hannah by the way…



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