Slave Art

Brad, one of my pee slaves, makes me a little drawing every time we meet for a session, to show me how much he cares about me and my urine. You can see a couple of his past drawings here and here. However this week he upped his game and made me an entire comic book! Check it out!

Pee.S. I really appreciate all of your comments on the blog lately. I want to hear your feedback on each post, even if what you’re saying is “that was shit,” because it’s important for me to know what y’all are thinking! And TBH, it’s OK if we don’t agree on everything.

A+ from me Brad!!!



23 Replies to “Slave Art”

  1. I like how he numbered the pages in the bottom corners. I LOVES YO BLOG. IT IS ALWAYS ONE HUNDRED % AWESOME. To be extra creepy, I enjoy reading the way you type your posts cause it's ultra how you talk irl, which I've heard via your vids. -exit creep-

  2. omg you look so sknny and hot here what happened?!1jk! anyways brad seems pretty sweet. your hair being the same color as the piss has kind of a weird vibe but the part where you piss him out of the window was pretty creative

  3. I love how he called your piss hotel the parthenon. he turned some squallid piss hotel into a series of roman hills quite amazing. extrapolating further, maybe he sees himself as one of those zeus raped virgins, spawning a urine soaked hercules of sorts. i kind of hate you and people like you and the way you talk, ps, but am strangely infatuated. (you meaning you ks). weird huh?

  4. hi karley! this is unlike me to ask, but when you pee on him, does he look at you, or the pee hole, or is he like opening his mouth? i would normally find this gruesome but i'm actually finding this fascinating :) thanks!

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