Slave Lolz

Here’s some recent pics of my slave, you know, just lolzing around the house. Hands up if you’d rather die than have his dick anywhere near you. The best thing about these photos for me is imagining the situation surrounding him taking them. Like… figuring out the correct way to write ‘lolz’ backwards in the mirror, finding a location with flattering light, getting hard while thinking about being pissed on, looking around the house for a sac to put on his head, trying to work out the best angle to take the photo from without being able to see anything because he has a sac on his head, etc. #LifeIsHard

P.S. Guys shaving their pubic hair is gross, right?

I like this one because it’s kind of arty.



5 Replies to “Slave Lolz”

  1. His dick isn't even all hard. Who'd wanna fuck such a fat limp dick?! It is so pathetic that he spell Lolz with a "z" .. who does that anyway, other than low-life white trash pop teens? He must be super ugly since he has to cover his face with a bag. Good thing he did though, would properbly womit if I had to look at his face. I bet its just as ugly as the rest of him!I bet he loves me for writing these things… freak

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