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Here’s the latest email from my slave:

Aside from a slight repetitiveness and the continuous misspelling of the word “so,” I can not really complain about this email. It’s actually pretty spot on, if you ask me. Fuck… my increasing irreverence when it comes to receiving messages and photographs of this nature is actually beginning to frighten me. I think. Sort of. Maybe. Not really.

Below is some information about my slave, most of which I’ve concluded from his various drunken, convoluted, 2000+ word emails, which I only read half of and then get bored and go back to watching porn.

-He enjoys being told his dick is small.
-He has, on numerous occasions, hired a married couple to come to his house and fuck in front of him while simultaneously telling him his dick is small.
-He is 36.
-He enjoys eating girls out, especially after they’ve just been fucked by someone else (bonus points if he came inside her).
-He works in marketing.
-He’s never sucked a dick but he wants to forced to do so, preferably by a woman.
-He enjoys jerking off and ejaculating onto his own face, then eating his cum.
-He likes dolphins, has swam with them many wonderful times.
-He has not had penetrative sex in over 18 months (he goes down on girls but doesn’t fuck them… sounds awkward).
-He is a vegetarian.



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