Slutever Sex-Talking on Allegedly NYC Podcast

Allegedly NYC is the only podcast that I regularly cry laughing while listening to. So obviously, I’m so excited to be a guest on it!

Allegedly NYC is a new-ish podcast hosted by Nomi Ruiz (a musician who became known for singing with Hercules and Love Affair) and Ava Sanjurjo (designer of Rica Swimwear)—two NYC natives who talk about NYC gossip, sex, and the current cultural moment, with a saucy YOLO sex-positive feminist edge, obvs.

In this episode: a lolz rant about the hipster gentrification of Brooklyn, a look at how Vanity Fair sent a pervert to interview Margot Robbie, and chat about: Rose McGowan defends Renee Zellweger’s new face, Heterosexual Pride Day (WTF?), and new music from Blood Orange & Clams Casino ft. Kelela! Also, I get deep about (non)monogamy and pegging, obvs.



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