Slutever Vaj T-shirt

I made a T-shirt! Woo! This is the first limited edition Slutever T-shirt. There are strictly 200 shirts, $40 each. The shirts were created and designed by me, and that may or may not be a picture of my vagina on the front. The shirts are super soft cotton and come in sizes S-M-L and XL. I’m wearing a size small in that photo, so think of them in terms of men’s sizes.

Also, just so you know, wearing this shirt makes you feel kind of famous, because people tend to give you these strange stares out of the corner of their eyes, like “Wait… hold on, is that…?” Also, last week I went to a block party in Brooklyn with my friend who was wearing one and like ten people stopped him to take his picture for Instagram. (#important) Oh, and one mother shielded her child’s eyes. Woops…

To buy a shirt, please email me at with the subject line “T-SHIRT.” Also, please include the country that you live in and the size you want in the initial email. Payment by Palpal only, plus shipping, which will be roughly a few dollars, depending on where you live.

Special thanks to Adri Murguia for taking the photo of my vaj and Amanda Thompson for helping me with Photoshop ;)

Oh look, it’s Dev “Blood Orange” Hynes looking casually cool in the Slutever Vaj T!



33 Replies to “Slutever Vaj T-shirt”

  1. Actually kind of like this in terms of design, appealing aesthetic – but I don’t think I’d ever wear it because the symbol as female identity as nothing more than a vag is just so insidiously prevalent in real life happening all around us that I can’t really justify the shirt as ironic or even making a particularly meaningful statement. OBVS this is about showing love for you, a way of people to declare themselves readers of you, and you have identified yourself by yer vag- so far so enjoyable for all your fans. But you have identified yourself by your vag. Not your writing, your vag. Not the style or skill, merely the licentious content. Lady, I hope this is not your defining moment, but if it is, you are certainly not alone in this world. Sadly.

    1. hey. this isnt supposed to be a personal attack but seriously, like something im dealing with myself.
      but do you ever think your liberal arts education is sincerely destroying any traces of FUN have you could cuz you keep overanalyzing the context, how something might be wrongly interpreted (not by you, of course, but by ignorant peoples, the sexists/racists/rapists blah blah blah) and so everything is ruined because somehow someway, someone will look at it the wrong way (ex. karley as a sex object and not karley as a beautiful strong lady who represents the voiceless). do you ever overthink things you genuinely like because it’s not unoffensive enough to be politically correct??

      i guess what i’m trying to say is… yeah but it looks cool.. (so shut up)





  2. U’ve officially immortalized ur vag. Gonna be so cool if u see someone wearing this in the streets decades from now. Lol #Legend

  3. I want it so so much but I’m a poor about-to-start-at-uni student from the UK. Could I get one for free if you printed your website/name underneath, like a walking advertisement? I’ll pay for postage xxxxxxxxxxx

    1. Whose, not Who’s. Who’s is short for Who Is. So what you’re actually saying is “Who is vagina is it?”.

      Sheesh. WHOSE VAGINA IS IT? Cut and paste that for your next post on you mom’s Facebook page.

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